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Pixiu - an Inbox and Notification App for Gmail on macOS


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Love the web, keen on Mac? If you stick to the web-based Gmail, with Pixiu, keep up with your inbox snippets and notifications right on your menu bar!

Pixiu is a small and clean mailbox app based on Gmail API. It's free and no privacy tracking.

It's simple and useful.

  • Push notifications when new mails coming
  • View all your inbox snippets on your menu bar

Click the snippet or notification item, it will take you to the Gmail thread page. That's it, no more.

In the settings window, you can also make some changes,

  • start on login
  • pause/resume syncing
  • change syncing interval
  • turn on/off notifications
  • feel free to revoke authorization

In addition, you can manually trigger syncing by command + R shortcuts.

Privacy Policy can be found here.

Hope it helps!

One More Thing

This is my first app after learning Swift myself and first trying the Apple platform. The process is fun and hard, and I would like to share some experience in the following serials posts.

Many thanks to my friend L for a lot art work.

Thanks for reading.


  • If Google is blocked on your region, you must have a valid HTTPS Proxy in network settings.
  • In Chinese, Pixiu is 貔貅, a Chinese mythical hybrid creature considered to be a very powerful protector to practitioners of Feng Shui. You can find more here.
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